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Originally from Germany, where I spent most parts of my childhood in and around the water on a sailing boat, I moved to Northern Ireland after having lived and explored the oceans in Hawai'i, Brazil, Morocco, and Spain. To me, the North and South of Ireland are a lot like a cold-water version of Hawai'i and there is so much natural beauty with its dramatic cliffs, rugged coastline, and the raging ocean that are the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts.


Water has always been an incredible source of excitement and peacefulness in my life and I am very passionate about sharing these life-affirming, grounding, and in-the-moment experiences.

I have come to the world of Freediving from surfing big waves, which ultimately involves being held underwater without control of when you can come up to breathe again. So, to train for these situations I would find rocks and run with them underwater with my mates Barry and Keith until our lungs would burn. We were so stunned by the world opening up in front of us, that we just went deeper for longer to simply spend more time in this state of pure bliss. Along the way, we learned to relax in situations that most people would describe as their worst nightmare and fear. It is incredible to become aware of how much our mind irrationally controls us and has such a tight grip on us in almost every aspect. I decided to learn as much as I could about this amazing sport, especially everything safety-related. I am now trained by Italian national record holder Linda Paganelli and am a certified SSI Level Two Instructor excited to bring the amazing underwater world to people of all levels and abilities.

Besides Freediving, my other great passion is surfing and I am grateful to my legendary friend Alastair Mennie, who has been an amazing mentor over the last couple of years for riding waves of consequence. 


I now specialize in helping people achieve their personal goals on, below, or out of the water by working on the specific needs of each individual so that they can progress with joy and bliss. I take great pride in the progress of my students and the fun they have and look forward to achieving the same with you. Get in touch to learn more.

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Hanno Windisch
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