2 HOURS - £45


Stand-up Paddleboard course

Whether you are a complete beginner or a more advanced paddleboarder, we can help you progress and give you vital advice on technique and safety aspects. More and more people are taking up this amazing sport but don't necessarily know how to use their board and paddle or how what to look out for to practise and enjoy this sport in a safe way. Our instructors are among the best in the business and have a gift for passing on their passion to our students.

What can you expect from your paddleboard lesson?

- 2-hour lesson with highly motivated and passionate instructors there to help you

- Premium ION wetsuits (please let us know your required sizes on the booking form)

- Premium Fanatic paddleboards

- Premium carbon paddles

- Tons of fun

- Beginners will be able to paddle standing up, go straight, use a variety of turns and learn important safety elements, techniques and tips to make sure that when you go on your own you know what to look out for.

- Intermediate users will learn more advanced paddle and turning techniques and essential safety information to consider for going out on coastal trips.



2 HOURS - £50


Paddleboard through Caves

This is the ultimate paddleboarding tour!! We will take you to some of the most stunning caves. This tour takes 2 hours and includes all equipment. Minimum age is 16 years. Previous paddleboarding experience recommended. Please get in touch if you have questions regarding suitability. Please note that we have a range of cave tours along the causeway coast and depending on sea and wind conditions

  • we might not be able to paddle into a cave

  • we might only get to see it from outside

  • you might get to see other caves than the particular cave pictured above. 

​If the conditions are not suitable for any of our cave tours we can reschedule your tour, offer you an alternative activity, give you a voucher or refund you.