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Private Online Surf Survival Course

Raise Your Confidence – Master Your Fear

Private Online Surf Survival Course
Private Online Surf Survival Course

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About the event

This program is designed to raise your confidence in the water and to increase your breath hold while developing safety skills.



This practical course teaches beginner to advanced individuals how to maximize your breath hold and uses advanced breath-hold techniques specifically adapted to the high-stress, fast-paced and heavy-impact environment of surfing waves of consequence. In this course you will learn how to physically and mentally prepare yourself to handle, and not fight, stressful surf situations and how to remain calm in challenging oxygen-deprived wave hold-downs and chaotic surf environments. We also look at efficient underwater movement and best breathing techniques upon surfacing to avoid blackout. Also covered in this course are major safety skills such as rescue response techniques. 

Will I benefit from this course?
This course is for anyone who wants to hold their breath for longer and remain calm when the sets get bigger and you find yourself caught inside with nowhere to go. We will help you to overcome your fear of being held under water, increase your competence and awareness so you can be more confident in yourself and become a more skilled water person. Even non-surfers can greatly benefit from this course by using the specific breathing and training techniques and mental focus to remain calm.

The Surf Survival Course includes 3 Sections:

- Theory

- Land based training

- Realistic Water Training Course
 and Safety


  • Private Online Surf Survival

    This ticket has no expiration date. You can use this ticket for your course anytime it suits you. Just call Hanno on +4477254 08980 to arrange date and time for your course.




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